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Imagine if cash became digital.

Imagine if more people had more access to the global economy.

Imagine a new global currency on a new global network.

We think this is how money should be.

The solution to blockchain payments

We have developed the Believer network as an open standard that enables instant cryptocurrency payments in stores and online. This new network is designed to act as an intermediary between merchants and the blockchain, offering them inexpensive and fraud-resistant transactions without volatility exposure. Believer enables consumers to pay with their preferred cryptocurrency while preserving their freedom, security and data privacy.

Believer doesn’t require any physical cards or merchant point-of-sale upgrades. Believer was developed from decades of experience in fintech, retail, and payments. Today, Believer features many high-profile merchants on its platform, the launch of which marks the first real instance of a decentralized, global payment network with the power to make commerce more efficient and accessible for billions of people.

Easy Send money the way you send a message or a photo.

How It Works?


A better way to pay. Finally, crypto and traditional currency accounts that put the power in your hands.

• Take charge of your currencies on one simple platform
• Customise the app the way you want it by selecting from over 1000 traditional and crypto currency accounts
• Fund your accounts by crypto
• Track payments and manage your account with live in-app messages

We’re making cryptocurrency useful

Believer Coin (BLVR) is the new digital collateral token for facilitating retail cryptocurrency payments on the Believer network. Believer Coin is staked to collateralize every payment on the Believer network, enabling instant, fraudfree point-of-sale transactions at merchants worldwide—helping to achieve a long-term vision of making cryptocurrency spendable everywhere.

As a simple, neutral, fixed-supply ERC20 token, Believer Coin ensures that the network itself is blockchain-agnostic, and allows people to spend the cryptocurrencies that are meaningful to them. Anyone can use Believer Coin to stake wallets on the Believer network. Stakers help to collateralize payments made by those wallets, and in return, they earn stake rewards based on transaction volume.


Ecosystem key features

Safe & Secure
Smart Web
Easy Payment

By connecting merchants, banks, and the blockchain with this open network, we’re building a new, global payment system to challenge the status quo.

The limitations of traditional payment instruments—fraud and cost—are solved by the primary strengths of blockchain technology. Accordingly, merchants and the greater blockchain community each stand to benefit from making cryptocurrency spendable everywhere.


One card to rule them all.

Convert your Bitcoin and spend

Get one of the fastest, easiest ways to turn your cryptocurrency into dollars for Visa® shopping.

Crypto to dollars in no time flat

Load dollars in the Believer app, or from any compatible Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash wallet. Spend funds in seconds to minutes.

Shop with Visa anytime, around the world

Use your own Bank Card with any retailer that accepts Visa.

Manage your card on-the-go

Get detailed information for all transaction activity and reload dollars from the app.


Desktop App

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White Labeled Card

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ERC tokens

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