What is Believer?

Believer is new Ethereum based decentralized Cryptocurrency which belong to ERC-20 tokens. For detailed information check About Us

How to buy Believer?

Anyone can buy Believer from IndoEx and whitebit exchange.

What is Staking?

Staking is a hierarchical plan in which by investing in it you will get maximum rewards, Stake the opportunities and grab future intelligence. Check out our stakes and pick the best one which is suitable for you. By investing in the systematic plan and by doing that you can ensure your future with the smartest and highest return.

How Does Staking Work

As part of the sequence, we have our exclusive plan of investing which starts from 6,12,18 and 24 months staking plan. For example, if you are selecting 6 months staking plan after staking the BLVR 6 months, you will get 130% of BLVR with Principal (by adding dividend) so at least it projected 100 BLVR more. Conclusively by staking for long time can lead you the maximum bonus and benefits which is the main heart of this plan.

What is Dividend?

A dividend can be described as a reward that publicly-listed companies extend to their investors, and its source is the company’s net profit. Such rewards are in the form of digital currency i.e. BLVR. It is mostly paid from the remainder of profit once essential expenses are met. All rewards and credits are given in BLVR and all can use the BLVR as an independent digital currency itself. Dividend

How To Register?

User can register by link given in website and start staking/investing.

How To Fill Dividend?

Dividend can be filled in specific time period by investing money in preferred plan and information regarding dividend is available in DIVIDEND page.

When Will Be Dividend Release?

Dividend will release in every 15th of the June month.

What is Hard Wallet?

A hard wallet is a kind of a smart device in which you can insert your any bank card and using Hard wallet user can ensure the safest way to deal or transact the funds. It double ensures the security and accessibility of the currency.

How to store Believer?

User can store Their believer to any of the ERC-20 Token wallet I.E. Trust wallet, Metamask, My Ether wallet, Eidoo etc.